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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Address: Heathrow Boulevard 3, 282 Bath Road, Sipson, West Drayton. UB7 0DQ / UK
  • Contact Person: George Georghiou
Key Specifications
* 64 bit SUSE Linux Operating System - JeOS (Just enough Operating System)
* Dynamic Bandwidth Management - Enable communication over narrow bandwidth connections and advanced tools to coexist on local area networks
* Embedded video analytics - VideoEdge provides six video analytics rules. Licenses are registered to the NVR and not specific camera providing flexible operation
* Simple installation and set-up - Intuitive administrative client for a greatly enhanced user experience
* Health Monitoring provides real-time status of your system
* Video Vault saves analytics data without any time limits
* Auto-populated templates speeds up installation
* VideoEdge Go mobile app provides visibility of your video surveillance from anywhere
* Use with victor unified client for an incredibly intuitive experience
* Each 19” rack-mounted NVR supports up to 128 dual-streaming cameras, and a total of 800Mbps of video throughput (400Mbps to disc/400Mbps to clients)
* Advanced network management and multiple NIC configurations high value and efficiency
* All bundles servers provides high availability features such as redundant power supply and multiple network connections
* The New R720 Platform also delivers RAID1 mirroring on the OS drive for greater high availability performance
* Onboard storage capacity up to 36TB
* Most servers are delivered RAID5 enabled, configured and tested in the factory
American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR
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