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Key Specifications

C.CURE 9000 is a powerful access control system that includes: dynamic views, application layouts, distributed architecture, area control and occupancy management, scalable maps, an innovative web client and so much more. This flexibility in customization grants security professionals the freedom to deploy a unique security solution for their entire business.

 The system takes advantage of multiple CPU cores and 64-bit operating systems, making it one of the fastest and most secure solutions in the industry. Built from the ground up on our innovative integration platform, C?CURE 9000 delivers customers seamless integrations for critical business applications.

*Powerful security and event management system that provides IT standard tools and innovative distributed architecture
*Cross cluster anti-passback controls and manages personnel access
*Control areas and manage emergencies with area muster and de-muster
*Area lockout prevents cross-area contamination
*Run C?CURE 9000 server as a 64-bit application
*Assign application layouts to specific events
*Control security objects directly from the monitoring station or from graphical CAD-based maps
*Access and leverage LDAP-compliant data sources such as Microsoft Active Directory
*Dynamically change views, reorder columns, and modify and filter data from a single screen
*Easily drag and drop cameras directly to the interface
*Share a single database while retaining security and privacy of your own information with partitioning
*Significantly enhance security with intrusion zones and keypad commands
*Create a virtual hub of integrated applications with the industry's most powerful Software Development Kit (SDK)

Software House C.CURE 9000
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