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Key Specifications
• Device Access • Supports TVT private protocol, ONVIF protocol, standard RTSP, SDK • Supports adding devices by manually entering IP address, domain name or IP range, by auto search, or by auto report • Setting the network of the devices before quick adding them • Resource Management • Supports channel (or camera) group management and device area managemen • Supports centralized management of decoding devices, encoding devices and platform services • Device Configuration • Supports the basic configuration and user management of the devices • Supports the date, time and time zone, network, email and DDNS configuration of the devices • Supports getting the information of the device's HDDs • Supports multi-OSD setup of one channel • Supports the camera's ROI, video mask and motion detection settings • Supports intelligent analytics • Supports the camera's resolution, frame rate, VBR/CBR, image quality and bitrate settings • Supports the camera's brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, AZ settings, etc. • The parameters of multiply devices can be set at one time • Supports configuring record plan for storage devices • User Management • Supports multi-user talk • Supports user MAC address binding • Supports user lock • Supports different users and permission • Supports permission based on resources and operation • Permission can be assigned to each channel (or camera) of the device • Snapshots • Supports snapshots in the live view mode and playback mode • Supports triggering camera snapshot • Live View • Supports multi-screen display mode: • Supports 1/4/6/8/9/10/16/117/21/25/33/36/49/64/84/100 standard screen display mode • Supports 2/4/6/7/9/12/16/24/36/48 widescreen display mode • Supports customized screen display mode • Supports corridor mode • Supports adding fisheye and panoramic cameras • Supports channel group auto-switch • Supports stream self-adaption and one-key stream switch • Supports steam copy • Supports multi-monitor display • Supports instant playback • Supports decoding with hardware • Supports device’s smart area and result display • Two-way Talk and Broadcast • Supports remote listening • Supports two-way talk • Supports 8K or 16K audio sampling rate • Supports multiply audio formats: G.711 a-law, G.711 u-law,G.722.1, G.726, ACC, MP2L2, PCM • Supports voice broadcast and audio file customization • PTZ Control • PTZ remote control, including preset, track and cruise calling and settings • Supports zoom in/out and focus+/- • Supports PTZ protocol configuration • Supports 3D positioning control (the target can be quickly positioned and captured by box selection • Support scheduled tasks, one-button guard and one-button cruise configurations • Record Playback and Backup • Supports multi-channel simultaneous and asynchronous playback • Supports multiple record source playback • Supports multi-window playback • Supports playback by channel, time slice, time, tag and event search • Supports playback by frame, dragging the progress bar, fast forward or slow speed • Supports record backup: manual backup, scheduled backup, backup by channel, time, tag and event search; supports cutting records and backup in the playback interface • Alarm • Supports multiple alarm types: Motion alarm, sensor alarm, smart event linkage alarm, line crossing counting linkage alarm, face match linkage alarm, etc. • Supports multiple alarm linkages: Platform recording, client message pop-up, client preview, audio, decoding on TV Wall, device recording, device snapshot, local recording, local snapshot and so on • Supports arming or disarming. • Supports SOP (alarm handling process) configuration • Supports alarm information export by time period • Supports manual alarm output • Decoding On TV Wall • Supports working with decoders or decoding matrix to control multiple video walls • Supports12MP/ 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720P • Supports decoding on TV wall in the audio format of G.722,G.711A, G.711U or ACC • Support live view and playback on TV wall • Supports 1/4/9/16/25/36 screen mode • Supports window merging and splitting, opening window and roaming • Supports multiple splicing modes: 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 4x8 • Supports picture-in-picture mode and roaming mode • Up to 999 plans configurable • Supports channel group and plan sequence view • Plan task configurable • Supports triggering decoding on TV wall; customized alarm window (unlimited) • Supports notification for node offline • Line Crossing Counting • Supports the threshold settings of people/motor vehicle/non-motor vehicle entering and exiting • Supports daily, monthly people/motor-vehicle/non motor vehicle flow display by chart • Supports historical people/motor vehicle/non-motor vehicle counting displayed in a histogram or curve graph and exported to an Excel • Supports single/multi-channel real-time statistics and daily/monthly/yearly statistics via E-map • Historical data searched by single/multi-channel, time period and line crossing and exported to a curve graph or histogram, or an Excel • Electronic Map • Supports Baidu map and picture map. The picture map supports JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF formats • Supports multi-level maps; adding, modifying, moving, deleting hot spots (monitoring points, sensor) • Supports layer edition and display as well as self-defined layer • Supports alarm linkage, like icon flickering, video pop-up • Face Surveillance • Support batch adding and importing face pictures; people attribution information configurable • The match boxes of strangers and people from allow list and block list are displayed with different colors. • Supports alarm popup-window after face capture or match • Supports image search and playback by face image (captured face image or uploaded face picture) and all searched face images can be viewed via the list or track on the E-map • Supports one-key adding the captured picture to the face database in the image search interface • Supports the similarity setting of face search • One-key exporting face pictures of face database • Face Attendance • Attendance time configurable • Supports displaying the employee’s photo and the compared time on the right panel after successful comparison • Supports multi-screen display mode (1/4/9/16); the face attendance video can be projected onto a sub-screen • The attendance record can be viewed and filtered by day, week, month, working day/ non-working day/late/leaving early/overtime working/normal working/check-in /no check-in • Supports displaying attendance status and overtime working status in the form of a list, which can be exported to an Excel • Face Greeting • Supports self-defining the style and other configuration items of the greeting interface • Real-time visitor information display on the client • The VIP visitor ’s photo will be shown on the pop-up window of the sub-screen and the corresponding audio will be broadcast simultaneously • Single visitor loop play time can be configured in seconds • Greeting pop-up window quantity, height and duration configurable • Support visitor access records search • Parking Lot Management • ANPR camera access • Total/remaining space display • Barrier gate control, manual/auto opening • Historical vehicle entering or exiting information search • Adding, modifying and deleting vehicle information and their parking permission • Entrance/exit lane configuration • Overstaying parking search and self-defining overstaying threshold • Block list management (adding, modifying and searching • vehicles to /in the block list) • Others • Supports keyboard control • Supports overload protection • Supports operation and maintenance management: • Operating, system and alarm logs can be searched and exported by time, type and user
TVT TD-A608E-S All-in-One Server
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