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  • Shenzhen Zhian Intrusion Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Country: China
  • City: Shenzhen
  • Address: E/F, 25th Floor, West Tower of Wenhua Building, Shennan East Road
  • Contact Person: Ellen Wang
Key Specifications
Special design for harsh environment application, be capable to proof any environmental changing influence, this professional quality product can be used in the situation of war, oil field, plateau and iceberg etc. It can work normally at -55℃.

MRD-PLUS Dual microwave system: can accurately recognize the swing plants, swing wet clothes etc interferential objects and moving human body to prevent false alarms

Detection range: 15m X 15m

Working temperature: -55℃ ~ +65℃

Relative humidity: 0 ~ 99%

Industrial-grade Outdoor Motion Sensor
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