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Key Specifications

Theia's SL183 lens offers up to 116deg HFOV without fisheye distortion

*No barrel distortion with Theia's Patented Linear Optical Technology - all optical distortion correction - no software

*Ultra wide 115° to 77° HFOV with its 1.8 - 3mm varifocal range

*EasyZoom - focus once, with minimal need to refocus after zooming

*Up to 5 megapixel resolution for a crisp image

*IR corrected for use with Day/Night cameras

*Compact - at 49.5mm fits in most mini-domes

*CS-mount for 1/3", 1/2.7" HD, 1/2.5", and 1/2" imagers

*Available in manual and DC autoiris version

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Theia SL183 ultra wide, no distortion, 5Mpx, DN Lens
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