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Key Specifications
Solar wireless siren uses solar energy to power the built-in battery, to control signal by wireless or wired transmission which enhance the flexibility of installation. You can build multiple wireless sirens at different locations to get alarms simultaneously to alert illegal intruders.
The wireless siren can be used as a live alarm system. First choose the wireless accessories with the same working frequency as the siren according to the demand of the system, then code and learn the accessories into siren, thus an independent alarm on spot comes into being.
Wireless siren should be installed where''s the best for precaution as well as the the best reception for all wireless detectors. Pay attention that the siren should be as far as possible from the large metal objects or household appliances with high frequency interference; meanwhile, to avoid the shields of feroconcrente wall and fire-proof door.
Built-in bat: DC 3.7V/1000mAh, Li rechargeable
Input power: DC6~12
Solar panel max output : 5V/150mA
Stand by time :>15 days
Standby current :<5mA
Alarm current : ≤ 350mA Alarm
Wireless frequency :433 MHZ (1527 coded/330 K)
Wireless distance :100m(open area)
Wired zones:2(Z0,Z1)
Wireless zones:50
External Solar Strobe Alarm Siren with Compatible Wireless & Wired Zones High dB
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