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  • Country: China
  • City: Guangzhou
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Building B, TaoYuan Industrial Park, Nan An Cun, XinTang,ZengCheng
  • Contact Person: Rachel Xie

Key Specifications

  • Using 1 / 2.8 "2 million pixel ultra-low illumination sensor, the maximum output resolution is 1920 × 1080 @ 30fps,

  • Ultra-low illumination CMOS, 0.001Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON);

  • Integrated high-precision thermal image temperature measurement module, temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.3 ℃

  • High-performance embedded processor, which integrates image acquisition, face detection, face tracking, face recognition comparison, and living body judgment;

  • Integrated deficient deep learning CNN neural network algorithm, dynamic recognition without special cooperation;

  • 7 inch LCD display

  • Supports face recognition for masks and detects whether personnel are wearing masks;

  • Supports body temperature detection

  • Support voice alarm for abnormal body temperature;

  • Face recognition, temperature detection, and mask detection are free to configure multiple usage modes;

  • Recognition speed ≤100ms, recognition rate ≥99.7%;

  • Support 50,000 face libraries; Lightning and surge protection measures; Waterproof rating IP66

  • Support video overlay and body temperature overlay;

Sunivision Face Recognition & body temperature detection IP CAMERA
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Sunivision Face Recognition & body temperature detection IP CAMERA
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