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  • City: New Taipei City
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Key Specifications
Built-in Illuminated touch-panel Design / Weatherproof / HID embedded module (Option) / Voice module (Option)

◎ Capacity to Built-in HID module and HID compilable

◎ Capacity to Built-in Voice module

◎ Illuminated Keypad Design for more visual operation

◎ Weatherproof Design for outdoor use

◎ RS-485 or TCP/IP (by order) communication interface

◎ Built-in Watch Dog to prevent the halting

◎ User capacity: 16,000; Event logs: 32,000

◎ 2 control modes: M4/ M8

◎ Access Mode: Card Only, Card or PWD, Card and PWD

◎ 63 auto-open zone settings and 16 sets of Auto-Open Zone editable

◎ WG port provides anti-pass-back function

◎ One more Exit Switch, Door Contact and Door Output to wiegand

◎ Built-in Multi-Output: Door Lock/ Alarm/ Arming/ Duress/ Security trigger signal

◎ SOYAL software support for networking

◎ Easily integrated with SOYAL or others access control system

◎ Work attendance check: Push buttons to select Duty on/off work, Leave/Back and Overtime on/off

◎ Built-in Real Time Clock & Anti-Tamper functions

◎ Flexible to integrate with other equipments

◎ 125kHz and 13.56MHz can be used simultaneously two channels

◎ Patent for new type of Relay, avoid vibrating to Mis-Trigger

◎ TTL & RS-485 serial output for various application and lift control

◎ Built-in 16 set of Alarm and 120 days of Holiday setting

◎ Menu setting with LCD panel

◎ Coordinating with softwares for further application on access control, time attendance, payroll, anddoor/sensor image-monitor function

◎ Auto-lock of the keypad for 30 seconds after continuous failed operation by 3 times

◎ Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and beingforced to open

◎ Intelligent to shift for standalone or networking mode while system disconnected

◎Support Fire buttons to make sure the fire happening, all doors open

◎Supporting AR-721_RB Relay Output module alternates traditional relay module, raise security, resist from stealing, and avoid wrong operation.

【SOYAL】Metal Access Control (with LCD) [AR-327 (H-V5)]
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