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Key Specifications
1.There are 1000 fingerprint registers capacity to be selected.

2.Built-in proximity card reader(EM or MIFARE system).

3.Optics-based fingerprint recognition devices.

4.No card or ID necessary for fingerprint matching.

5.Built-in interface of RS232 and RS485 switchable.

6.Additional keypad available to plug in for registration or removal of fingerprints or cards.

7.The capacity data input/output can reach up to 2,000 by single reader operation. When linking with computer, its data input/output capacity can be unlimited.

8.Door open methods :

(1) Proximity and fingerprint matching(faster).

(2) Fingerprint matching(depends on the volume of registered fingerprint).

(3) Proximity door opening.

(4) Push button door opening(time zone restriction).

9.Each user can register 3 separate sets of fingerprints in case of any injured fingers unable to recognize when register, and the last fingerprint enrolled is set as anti-duress fingerprint.

10.Built-in access control function which has an output of RELAY and to identify validation of the card.

11.3 LED lights(Red : POWER , Green : OK , Yellow : DENY).

12.Built-in perpetual calendar and battery.

13.10 time zones. Every time zone has seven days (Monday to Sunday)andeach day has eight time frames to set.

14.Anti-tampered. Siren will be activated when it is being vandalized. Fingerprint sensor glass is made of tampered glass which sustains major scratches (hardness of 7 and above).

15.Specific software to alter reader number and optional sensor parameter.

16.Optional external keypad used to set single card proximity, single card number entry, and single card


SF-2000 Compact-Size Fingerprint
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