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Key Specifications
1.Standard STN 128 x 64 LCD with built-in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English interface shows card number and user name simultaneously.

2.Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface with 32 sets and can be expanded to maximum of 255 sets when connected with repeater. With an optional of modem or TCP/IP for online data transmitting control.

3.Maximum capacity of standalone unit can up to 17,500 records (8-digit card number) and provide card inquiry function.

4.Last record counts when repetition of proximity of card occurred within 3 minutes.

5.Ring to set for time announcement; up to 40 time frames to set.

6.Built in access control function which has an output of RELAY and to identify validation of the card.

7.Maximum of 10,000 card enrollment.

8.Parameter and time adjustment setting can be done with a master card.

9.Maximum of transmission rate up to 19200 bps which is adjustable by user.

10.Built in printer interface to connect with parallel printer to print all data simultaneously.

11.Electricity supplies by internal battery and therefore all data in the internal memory will not by lost and system timer can be operated in normal state when power cut occurred.

12.Beep sound occurs when entering with card. And set of Relay to connect with speaker to increase userˇs awareness at outdoor.

13. Backlight 16 (4x4) luminous stainless steel keypads included 4 function keys and 3 LED lights (Red: POWER, Green: OK, Yellow: DENY).

14. Proximity range: 8-15 cm according to the type of card used. Frequency: 125 KHz.

15. Dimension: 175.5 (L) x 130 (W) x 43 (H) (mm).

16. Current: DC12V/1A, Operation temperature: 0-70, Humidity: 85%Rh Max.

ST-6000 Time & Attendance
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