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Key Specifications
1. One set design for contactless main equipment and reader.

2. Unique card number for Proximity card or Proximity key tag.

3. Water-proof, anti-magnetic, no battery required, long durability.

4. Audio tone indicator, stainless steel keypad(2X6).

5. Three types of cards: thick, thin and key tag.

6. Polycarbonate fireproof material for casing (white or dark gray).

7.Proximity main reader can be connected to computer to provide online information inquiry/setting, door opening and closing, alarm activation and etc. It can be used as standalone operation.

8.During the operation of the proximity main system, historical data (recording entry & exit information) storage can be reached up to 6,000 batches. When it is being connected with computer, the capacity of recording of entry and exit information is unlimited which records detailed data of the cards.

9.Proximity main systemˇs maximum capacity for valid cards is 9,000 cards. Each card self set individual password and time zone for entry and exit.

10.The entry and exit control area of proximity main system includes card number, password, time zone, special holidays, status control, and anti-passback.

11.When the reader has detected that the system has been damaged and the door has been opened illegally and the door did not close over a specific time limit, then anti-duress will be activated.

12.Main proximity system provides 49 sets of time zone for user to set. Each time zone has five time districts.

13.The system has self hardware testing function when the equipment is activated. It can also be connected to serial printer directly to print out information.

14.One proximity reader can be added to the sub-reader for controlling of entry and exit

15.Three door opening methods: Proximity card door opening, proximity card plus password opening, and door opening with computer.

16.When sudden power cut occurred, internal battery would operate and therefore information in the internal memory will not be lost and system timer can be operated as normal.

17.Operating temperature: 0~65oC. Humidity: 85% Rh max.

ST-680 Network Proximity Card Reader
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