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Key Specifications

available as an extension for the SeeTec basic application and it is directly managed from the SeeTec user interface. For a visual detection of license plates, you may use all IP cameras installed in your SeeTec environment. Even special analog cameras can be integrated by using video servers. The SeeTec LPR supports a wide range of international license plate formats and also Cyrillic and Arabic fonts on request. All detected license plates are stored in the SeeTec database with the corresponding image. Furthermore, pre-definable attributes can be added to any number plate stored in the database such as company, name of driver or vehicle type.

As you may know from the SeeTec basic application, you can define detailed alarm scenarios for every LPR camera. In addition, all license plates which are stored in the system can be assigned to freely definable groups with particular authorizations. If for example a license plate is known and authorized (e.g. an emSeeTec ployee’s car), a bar will be opened and the vehicle will be allowed to pass. If the license plate is not stored in the database, an alarm recording will be triggered and a SIP-based voice connection can be established via an intercom.

In addition to unlimited authorizations, recurring or non-recurring time-based authorization slots (?tickets“) can be defined. If for example a customer visits the company, a ticket can be created in the SeeTec LPR module which gives him temporary access to the company’s parking site. Furthermore, csv-based detection lists can be imported or exported to simplify monitoring of vehicle movements and data exchange with third party systems.

? * Reliable detection of license plates of stationary or moving vehicles
? * Complete configuration within the SeeTec user interface
? * Customer specific alarm scenarios in SeeTec 5 to inform e.g. administration or security guards
? * Time-based access authorizations
? * Individual configuration of features such as
- Vehicle access control with automated barrier control
- Denial of access to certain groups of vehicles

SeeTec 5 LPR Module
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