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Key Specifications
2.2MP 20X Auto Tracking Heavy Duty Explosion-proof PTZ Camera With Wiper System For Hazardous Area

SS11-HD20 is SAKIA developed as network explosion proof PTZ camera, which is built into auto focus 2.2MP 20X zoom camera. The Camera housing is made of heavy duty stainless steel 304 or 316L material and IP68 watherproof rated, special for hazardous area with explosive gas, oil, chemicals and powders.


Explosion proof , Wiper System Design

SS11-HD20 is designed as a network explosion proof PTZ camera with wiper system,which can apply for hazardous area, like gas zone 1, gas zone 2, dust zone 21, and dust zone 22. It allows for 360 degree continuous pan rotation and +90 degree to -90 degree tilt camera operations.

IP68, Stainless Steel Pan&Tilt Housing

SS11-HD20 explosion proof pan&tilt housing is IP68 rated, and its housing material can be made of marine grade stainless steel 316L. The housing prevents any inside sparks or explosions from escapingand igniting vapors, gases, dust for fibers in the surrouding air.

ONVIF 2.2MP Camera, 2oX Auto Focus

SS11-HD20 is ready to use camera with 2.2MP, 20X auto focus zoom camera.

SS11-HD20 series PTZ explosion proof camera has wiper systems for heavy polluted area. It can be equipped with washing tanker system to get a clearly surveillance video.

Power source input

SS11-HD20 power input can be AC85-265V or AC24V. Its power kit can also be upgraded as filter power kit, which has good performance of surge protection.

Lower temperature resist

SH11-HD20 can also be equipped with heater and cooling kit, which can resist temperature range from -50 to +65 °C. The thermostatically controlled heater starts on 40°C. the lower temperature version is more suitable for north countries with cold winter.

2.2MP 20X Auto Tracking Heavy Duty Explosion Proof PTZ Camera With Wiper System
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