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Key Specifications
一. Adopt 2.4GHZ International general frequency,Using RF CMOS highly integrated IC,highly integrated power amplifier (PA )

and voltage-controlled oscillator(VCO), dual track video and audio modulated together,power amplifier back stage adopt

German brand GaAs chip,excellent high power sending,long distance,image stable voice frequency loudness clear,

unobstructed effective range greater than 2km,can be received clear stable image.

Modulation mode: FM /FSK

Frequency range: CH 1= 2414MHZ CH 2= 2432MHZ CH 3= 2450MHZ CH 4= 2468MHZ optional

二. Specification

Transmitter: Video input: 1 channel; dual track accompanying sound input: 2 chs (6.0MHZ NTSC 6.5MHZ PAL )

Transmission power: 32.5dBM

Max currents consumption:1600mA

Input Voltage: 12V

Receiver: Frequency: CH 1=2414MHZ CH 2=2432MHZ CH 3=2450MHZ CH 4=2468MHZ

Sensitivity: -90dBm

Max currents consumption: 160mA

Input Voltage: 5V

Video output: 1 channel; dual track accompanying sound input: 2 chs (6.0MHZ NTSC 6.5MHZ PAL )

Working temperature : -10-120 ℃

Radiation distance : unobstructed effective range greater than 2km


Unobstructed condition testing: Between with transmitter and receiver,confirm can received clear stable image

within 2km. In market,some similar products, nominal transmission distance are very different with yourself testing


三. Installation:

1. Select the device operating frequency. (Note: The transmitter and receiver must be set to the same frequency, otherwise

not receive the signal!)

2. The receiver audio and video input connect with TV or Monitor audio and video cable output.

3. Installation of equipment antenna

4. Plug in the power matching, power indicator light.

5. Transmitter and receiver installed, observe the reception by adjusting the angle of transmitter and receiver antennas,

so that voice and image to achieve the best effection

2.4G long distance 3W wireless video and Audio Transmitter
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