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Key Specifications

Panoramic illuminators are perfect for PTZ or dome cameras covering large areas and are also ideal when matched with high definition, megapixel cameras fitted with wide angle lenses. The high quality illumination allows excellent clarity and detail even when zooming in over long distances.

Available in both Infra-Red and White-Light, all Panoramic LED illuminators utilise holographic lens technology to spread and control the light, creating a softer and more even distribution. Panoramic units feature Hot-Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), directing the light where it is most needed to not only deliver longer illumination distances and minimise light waste, but also to provide full scene coverage without hot spots caused by over-exposure.

Panoramic illuminators also feature an Adaptive Illumination? system, which allows the angle of illumination to be quickly and easily adjusted onsite, anywhere from 60-180° to match the specific camera field of view.

Panoramic lighting from Raytec now makes high performance illumination for both dome/PTZ cameras and megapixel cameras with a wide field of view more affordable, with the ability to achieve higher quality pictures at greater distances.

Raytec Panoramic Lighting
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