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Key Specifications
18650-4S Lithium Ion Cylindrical Battery 14.8V 7800mAh for Electronic Instruments

Features: Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power. Li-ion batteries are one o f the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronics, with the best energy density, no memory effect, and long shelf life.

Rated Performance

1 Rated Capacity: Typical 7800mAh, Standard discharge after Standard charge

2 Nominal Voltage: 14.8V, Mean Operation Voltage During Standard Discharge After Standard Charge

3 Voltage at end of Discharge: 11V

4 Charging Voltage: 16.8±0.03V

5 AC (1KHz) Impedance New Cell Max.(mW) ≤420mΩ

6 Standard charge: Constant Current 0.5C, Constant Voltage 16.8V 0.01 C5 cut-off, Charge time : Approx 4.0h

7 Standard discharge: Constant current 0.2 C5A, end voltage 11V

8 Fast charge: Constant Current 1C5, Constant Voltage 16.8V 0.01 C5Acut-off, Charge time : Approx 2.5h

9 Fast discharge: Constant current 1 C5A, end voltage 11V

10 Maximum Continuous Charge Current :1 C5A

11 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current :1.5C5A

12 Operation Temperature Range, 60±25%R.H. Bare Cell

Charge: 0~45℃

Discharge: -20~60℃

13 Storage Temperature Range: -20~25℃ for Less than 1 year, -20~40℃ for less than 3 months,60±25%R.H. at the shipment state

14 Weight Approx:595g 

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Alice Zhu

PERMA Battery Co., Ltd.

5F Bldg1,Aohua,Gaofeng,Dalang

Longhua,Shenzhen 518109 China

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