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Key Specifications
OB9221DT/OB9221DR can transmit 2 line of high quality composite video, 1 to 6 line of duplex audio, or 1 to 4 line of duplex data or 1 to 4 line of contact closure signal or in any combination over one fiber;and it can provide option of 1 to 4 10M/100M Ethernet, 1 to 4 E1, 1 to 8 line telephone, 1 to 8 line Intercom signal

Exceeds the RS250C standard for SNR, DG and DP

Bandwidth up to 7.5 MHz, SNR≥67dB

The video quality is independent of transmission distance and up to the maximum optical loss.

10 bit digital PCM video coding

Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM

Distance option of up to 120KM is possible

Supported by OB Telecom standard network management system

Two RJ45 ports with option of plug-in interfaces in any combination

18- bit digital audio, 75dB SNR

RS232, RS422, RS485 or Manchester data

Data transmission rate DC to256kbps

High-speed optical fiber digital transmission technology

Super optical dynamic range, 0Km is not saturated

Power supply, fiber link, data state indication

Surface mount technology (SMT)

Rack-mount/stand-alone/19" 1U Rack mount enclosure.

OB Telecom 2-channel Video Fiber Optic Converter / OB9221D
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