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  • Country: United States of America
  • City: Carlsbad
  • Address: 6353 Corte Del Abeto Suite 102 Carlsbad, CA 92011
  • Contact Person: Peter Jankowski

Key Specifications

Drawing on improvements in cloud-computing technology, Next Level RMS offers more than other hosted service models currently used in the security market. Users can not only access data such as events or video, they can also interface with their system and its connected devices across multiple sites through most Web-enabled devices.

Users can view live or recorded video, control cameras and doors, export reports, talk to local sites and more from a secure browser. Next Level RMS works with the NLSS Gateway’s Unified Security Platform so users benefit from a comprehensive view of security functions including video, access, analytics and intrusion.

* Remotely access all system features through a Web browser including camera settings, live surveillance video, door controls, and more.
* Multi-site video display: Stream video from up to four different sites simultaneously to a single view display.
* Full duplex audio: Talk to local sites from the browser-interface through audio-enabled cameras.
* Site online status view: LED lights on a map interface indicate whether sites are on or offline.
* Mobile device support: Access and interface with all system features from supported mobile devices.
* Remote software updates: The NLSS Gateway software can be updated remotely, eliminating the need for on-site support.
* Automatic database configuration backup: Eliminate downtime in the event of an incident. Automatically back up all database configurations on the NLSS Gateways and connected devices.
* Configuration replication: NLSS Gateway configurations will replicate when replacing damaged hardware or adding new facilities to avoid costly downtime.
* Standards-based camera support: Unlike typical hosted models, Next Level RMS is compatible with any standards-based camera, meaning users can choose the devices that best fit their needs.
* Advance hardware replacement: An extended warranty is included for NLSS Gateways with a Next Level RMS package. Next Level will replace

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