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Key Specifications
The newly updated Motorola Printrak LiveScan assists public-safety agencies by providing improved processes to identity fingerprint and palmprint images. The state-of-the-art system incorporates key suggestions from Motorola's LiveScan 3000 worldwide customer base, which is composed of law-enforcement agencies that use Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS).

The portable Motorola Printrak LiveScan Station is an automated biometric-acquisition station specifically designed for mobile, intuitive operations. The compact, portable, lightweight device efficiently captures multiple biometrics, including fingerprints, photographs and signatures, as well as demographic

data and documents. Data can be submitted electronically to an AFIS with prompt disposition responses to operators, as well as being printed in multiple card formats.

The portable station comes with an impressive array of quality-control features and case-management tools. The system automatically compares rolled and slap fingerprint impressions, ensuring that they are present and in the correct sequence. Each fingerprint image receives a valuable forensic quality rating based on minutiae extraction and automatic classification. Immediate feedback and correction are provided to ensure best-quality images are captured.

Motorola Printrak LiveScan Station
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