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  • Million Interwork Sdn. Bhd.

  • Country: Malaysia
  • City: Sungai Petani,
  • Address: Lot 315, Jalan PKNK 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Petani,
  • Contact Person: BJ Lee
Key Specifications
Million Interwork engaged in manufacturing and supply precision, high quality cold forged and machined parts to numerous markets in Malaysia.

Our production capacity :-

General industrial applications forging and cold-forming metal parts

Seamless Pipe series products and polygon cutting machining process

Specialty and standard industrial fastener manufacturing

Various thread forming and rolling machining

Automobile and Motorcycle cold forging parts

Headed rivet, plug bolt and pin for casters

Cold forged and CNC turned metal parts

Shafts & special-headed metal parts

Aluminum rivet and special fastener

Cold forging loud-Speaker parts

Forged and Turned metal parts

Engineering component

Roller and collar pipe

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Lot 315, Jalan PKNK 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Petani,

08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

Tel: 60-4-441 5188 Fax: 60-4-442 9092



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woofer,washer,pole plate,speaker metal parts,Polkern, placa polar,

altoparlanti,altovoz,luidspreker,alto falantes,haut-parlear,spyker,hoparlor,

parlantes,Lautsprecher,bottom,casters rivet,Pins,Washer,Screws,Nuts,Bolts,Castors,

Rivet,Motorcycle components,Placa Polar,Placa Posterior,拡声器,

forging,forged,CNC,gear,forge,tube,Pipe Nipple,spacer,rivet,washer,Screws,Bolt,axle,pin,forming,tapping,speaker,yoke,flange,Shafts,bits,t-yoke,pot,bush,Fastener,boss,rod,Camshaft Bushing, Plunger Barrel

Sprocket axle,bushes,nut,Furniture fittings, Suspension Bushings,screw fittings,Bushings and Sleeves

Horn Driver Adapter

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