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Key Specifications

XProtect Expert provides powerful control for advanced video surveillance of medium and large installations, such as stadiums and warehouses


Powerful IP video management software

XProtect Expert is advanced open platform IP video management software (VMS) for medium and large installations. Its powerful central management helps simplify the installation and daily operation of larger systems with multiple recording servers.


XProtect Expert offers reliable video access through failover recording servers, and uninterrupted video recording when complemented with camera-associated edge storage. Using schedule and event-driven driven rules, it is easy to automate security actions and control external systems, reducing the amount of manual tasks.


Three unique viewing clients provide seamless access to live and recorded video for different personnel responsibilities. With multi-layered maps, alarm handling and the option of adding XProtect® Smart Wall, XProtect Expert is ideal for installations with active situational live


Powerful central management

* Management interface: A wide range of administration tools help ease the initial configuration and daily administration of large systems that are deployed across different geographical locations


* Device group management: Provides fast and structured management of cameras and other connected devices in large installations


* Configuration reports: System integrators can document system delivery and provide a detailed listing of all configuration settings




High-performance video recording

* High performance recording server: Building on a native 64-bit windows implementation and an highly optimized database technology with RAM-based pre-buffering, the recording server supports minimum 3.1 Gbit/s recording rate


* Unlimited system scalability: Full flexibility to add additional Recording Servers and expand the system


* Edge Storage: Uses camera-based storage as a complement to the central storage in the recording servers, with flexible video retrieval based on time schedules, events or manual requests, including the ability to combine centrally and remotely stored video using Scalable Video Quality Recording™ (SVQR).


* Reliable video recording: Hot and cold standby failover recording servers maintain video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption in the event of network problems, server failure, loss of power or any other system problems


* H.265: Support for H.265 compression: H.265 has the potential to be up to 50% more efficient than H.264, which translates to increased performance where more cameras can be connected per XProtect recording server.



Real-time situational overview

* Interactive Smart Maps: A comprehensive overview of camera locations and layouts of the entire surveillance installation allows for quick detection of trouble areas. The system includes a Smart Maps feature that supports GIS and CAD drawings, as well as online maps services like Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap.


* Alarm Manager: Provides a consolidated overview of security and system alarms for immediate visual verification


* Bookmarking: Flag video sequences of particular interest and add descriptive notes, enabling users to easily share information and increase efficiency in investigating incidents


* XProtect Smart Wall: Advanced video wall solution included with the software. It enables control room operators to share a wide range of information, including live and recorded video, images, maps, alarms and text messages, to better coordinate response activities



Optimize system performance

* Proactively manage your system with System Monitor: Get a real-time overview of system performance with a customizable dashboard, instant notifications regarding server problems and predictive video retention warnings with System Monitor


* Easily expand and optimize your system: Seamlessly adjust the load on recording servers, moving cameras from one server to another in runtime, with minimal interruption to the video stream and no need for camera reconfiguration


* Optimize system security: Use Milestone’s System Hardening Guide to get best practices for system design, operating system configuration, servers and workstations and the Milestone Advanced VMS software.


* Recorded video is kept in RAM until the VMS determines the video needs to be written to slower mechanical disks

* With Scalable Video Quality Recording (SVQR), a low bandwidth connection can be used to send low resolution video to a command center for real-time situational awareness

* Support for H.265 video compression

* New Smart Maps function introduces support for Google, Bing and OpenStreetMap, in addition to geo-referenced GIS maps and CAD drawings

* Support for the IT-industry safety standard Kerberos



Milestone XProtect 2016 R3 Advanced VMS
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