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Key Specifications
1.High Endurance:

Support for 3 years of high-quality,continuous 24/7 video recording.

2. Outstanding Recording Performance

Optimized firmware provides stable performance for 24x7 high-quality video recording with minimal frame drops.

3. Industrial Quality

Reliable, high quality with 2 million hours mean time to failure (MTTF) or an annualized failure rate of 0.44%; 2X the

reliability of surveillance HDDs used in NVRs today.

4. Smart Tool for Health Monitoring

Health monitoring feature for IP camera integration reports card usage and lifetime remaining and can be integrated into system software to alert end users.


Key Features

  • Micron 3D TLC NAND Flash
  • Form factor: 9-pad Secure Digital (SD) memory card
  • SD Physical Layer Specification version 5.10 compliant

    1. SD memory card file system specification
    2. SD memory card security specification
    3. Secure digital music initiative (SDMI)-compliant
    4. Supports secure digital interface (SD) and serial peripheral interface (SPI)
    5. Copyright protection for recordable media (CPRM)
    6. Exterior mechanical write-protect switch

  • Endurance: 2K program erase cycles
  • Performance

    1. Refer to Performance and Capacity (page 5) for read and write speed

  • Bus speed mode (theoretical transfer rate @x4 bits)

    1. Default: 3.3V signaling up to 12.5 MB/s @25 MHz
    2. High-speed: 3.3V signaling up to 25 MB/s @50 MHz
    3. SDR12: UHS-I 1.8V signaling up to 12.5 MB/s @25 MHz
    4. SDR25: UHS-I 1.8V signaling up to 25 MB/s @50 MHz
    5. SDR50: UHS-I 1.8V signaling up to 50 MB/s @100 MHz
    6. SDR104: UHS-I 1.8V signaling up to 104 MB/s @208 MHz
    7. DDR50: UHS-I 1.8V signaling up to 50 MB/s @50 MHz (sampled on both clock edges)

  • Integrated power-on reset, oscillator, voltage regulation, and voltage detection circuits
  • Built-In features for defect and error management

    1. Strong error correction code implemented
    2. Global wear leveling
    3. Bad block management
    4. Refresh mechanism for UECC prevention
    5. Sudden power off (SPO) protection

  • Form factor

    1. Standard SD (24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm)

  • Standards compliance

    1. RoHS
    2. FCC
    3. CE
    4. BSMI
    5. KC RAA
    6. W.E.E.E.
    7. VCCI
    8. IC


Micron Industrial Memory Cards 128G MTSD128AHC6MS-1WT
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