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Key Specifications
The tracking box is a new and cost-effective tracking solution for high speed PTZ cameras. Itenables object tracking functions on normal speed domes.
# Highly compatible with normal high speed PTZ cameras, with no affect on the existingfunctions of the cameras;
# Auto search and track on moving object, with adjustable precision and tracking state;
# Auto zooming moving object zoom in/out; Max can do optics 36x (depend on zoom module camera)
# Auto return to home position/preset and keep tracking after a programmable interval whenobject is out of adjustable area;
# Independent OSD menu to display and program camera;
# Cost effective solution without extra cost on the cameras;
# Up to 4 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs;
# Compact design and easy operation;
# Auto actions (such as tracking, preset, cruise, pattern scan etc.) on power up, alarm, park;
# Hi-precision motor providing stable and precise performance;
# P/T speed adjustable as per zoom times;
# Multi-protocols supported (such as Pelco D/P) with adjustable baud rate;
Tracking Box
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