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Key Specifications

The Le11059 series of 11 megapixel cameras is designed for higher-end security applications, particularly in critical surveillance applications where intimate scene detail is required.

Capturing 4,000 by 2,656 pixels at 3 fps, the Le11059 delivers good picture quality and performance. Adjustable JPEG and M-JPEG compressed still images or streaming video are provided across a standard 10/100 network interface. A large, 43.3-mm CCD format sensor, which is capable of scanning 2,600 lines of resolution using progressive scan technology, provides the ideal solution for capturing moving objects across broad scenes.

Lumenera’s Le11059 is provided with a larger Canon SLR bayonet-mount, making remote control of focus and iris through standard SLR lenses possible. The camera can be mounted stand-alone or by means of standard environmental enclosures.

* A large, 43.3-mm CCD format sensor
* 2,600 lines of resolution in color or monochrome
* Clear image detail
* Remote iris and focus control over IP
* I/O control of alarms, strobe, PTZ, lighting or other peripherals

Lumenera Le11059 Series Network Multimegapixel Camera
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