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Key Specifications
Product Name: Biom-Scanner, a state-of-the-art biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance System

Model Name: VKEY-101

Main Feature:

Biom-Scanner, this state-of-the-art Access Control and Time & Attendance system has been successfully developed and marketed in Taiwan for years, and so far there have been thousands of successful installations already. This new product has adopted the cutting-edge Finger Geometry Technologies that can effectively verify on 3D finger shapes and sizes for identification. Electronic digital templates of the users are encrypted, stored and used for comparison. The templates are usually encrypted to such a high level that they cannot be manipulated. From the past successful experiences and public recognition it indicates that this biometric solution is an excellent application for advanced Security and Time & Attendance needs from the modern era.

Nowadays privacy invasion is normally not allowed in modern societies that people do not accept fingerprint solution for Access Control or Time & Attendance unless the users' personal fingerprint data are stored in cards which the users can carry with themselves, while fortunately "hand key" applications such as this Biom-Scanner is commonly accepted and allowed to store the users' finger geometric data into the machines. Besides, the fingerprint application does have its disadvantages of being not suitable for everyone, it might not work under dry-humidity circumstances, and the requirement on frequent touch pad replacement is causing people headaches too. Thus doubtlessly this finger geometric technology will be leading the new trend for modern Biometric Identification eventually.

As the famous book "Blue Ocean Strategy" has highlighted, nowadays every business is faced with quite severe competition. It is very important to find a way out of the "Red Ocean", and to find a shortcut towards "Blue Ocean", or even create a new "Blue Ocean". With such severe competition and low entry-barrier the old-fashioned, or fingerprint-application market is quite a “Red Ocean”, while a new niche product like this VKEY together with innovative software integration skills should have a good opportunity to create a "Blue Ocean". Because VKEY is innovative and unique that it is able to help dealers differentiating themselves from the peer competitors fairly easily.

There are many good scenarios for the Biom-Scanner to fit in, for instance Company and School offices Time & attendance and security, employee access to self-serve kiosks, member access to sports facilities, border control, passenger verification in airports or cruise ships, parent entry to preschool, safety deposits, alarm activation/deactivation, etc.,

The Biom-Scanner console provides both English/Spanish and Chinese/English user interfaces. This machine would be delivered with a free BNELite program, which is to take care of access control and the networking functionality, such as checkup, time adjustment, data backup, data transaction, add/edit/delete users, checking logs, setting time zones, setting privileges, data synchronizing etc. Also, Biom-Scanner provides needed SDK for the customers' need to develop for interface to integrate with end-customers' existing systems or software. The customers can directly use the data strings generated to easily integrate into their spread sheets or specific software for payroll or administration tasks, to use the SDK to create needed interface program to link with customers' existing systems or software, or to create a brand new software of customized requirements.

Not like other mono-function products, Biom-Scanner can handle dual functions of Access Control and Time & Attendance. In addition, the whole series of products are upgradeable. In other words, customers may purchase the cheapest 100-user model and then upgrade it to bigger capacity later on if the demand of user capacity goes up. The upgrade process is as easy as just type in an unlock code.

Biom-Scanner, a state-of-the-art biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance System
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