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  • Country: Canada
  • City: Markham
  • Address: 50 Acadia Ave, Suite 200
  • Contact Person: Gianmarco Bernaudo

Key Specifications

Extraordinary Performance for the Most Extreme Environments
Designed for access control in the rain, sleet, snow and desert conditions. Our IP 65 rated solution is built to
address your concerns and perform in moderate to the most extreme outdoor conditions. Confidently deploy
a biometric device created for organizations that cannot compromise on security regardless of the weather.

4G V-Station Extreme Fingerprint Device

Prepare for the Demands of Today and the Future with a Scalable Platform
Quick throughput, deployment flexibility, and the ability for the system to expand over time address today's
demands and are drivers for future requirements.
* Ensure employees gain access fast, 4G searches 6,000 templates per second.
* Accommodate enterprise installs with storage of 500,000 templates for 1:1 verification.
* Eliminate the need for cards and PINs - store 10,000 templates for 1:N. (50,000 with binning)

Meet Challenging Security Requirements
A full range of options are available for different security requirements.
* Remove install constraints with options for single-, two- or three-factor authentication.
* Reduce cost and complexity with built-in door relay and controls.
* Identity users with wet, greasy, severely dry, and many cut or damaged fingers.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Save time and drive down the cost of ownership with a communication-ready connected smart device,
containing new installation and maintenance capabilities.
* Leverage the latest communication standards - Full Ethernet, POE, with optional Wireless LAN (WiFi)
* Take full advantage of IP connectivity for remote device management.

Increase Workforce Management Efficiency
Address workforce management issues with biometric enabled Time and Attendance capabilities.
* Improve communication by sending real-time workforce notifications.
* Provide clear instructions with programmable function keys for up to 16 Time & Attendance Commands.
* Eliminate lost transactions with the capability to store 1 Million transaction logs.

Features at a Glance:
.IP 65 rated for the Most Extreme Environments Including Severe Downpours, Ice and Snow
Lumidigm Sensor for Consistent Outdoor Authentication Capabilities
.Identify users Consistently with Wet, Greasy, Severely Dry, and Cut or Damaged Fingers
.Fake Fingerprint / Anti-Spoofing Capabilities Wide Temperature Range for Sub-zero Climates and the Hottest Desert. (-25 to +70 C) -13° to +158°F
.Largest Template Capacity in the Industry (500,000 in 1:1)

4G V-Station Extreme Fingerprint Device
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