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  • Keytop Parking Guidance System

  • Country: China
  • City: Xiamen
  • Address: Room 301, 58 GuanRi Rd.,Software Park
  • Contact Person: David Wu
Key Specifications
The Intelligent Parking Guidance system guides the motorist from the roads around the facility, through the process of selecting which parking area to use, to the floor with available parking, then to the aisle with the available parking, and finally to the empty parking bay.

What are the benefits of Intelligent Parking to the stakeholders?

Travellers: Reduced time looking for parking, and reduced frustration.

Venue Operators: Increase in patronage, and customer satisfaction.

Parking Operators: Increased space occupancy, and increased revenue.

Environmental: Reduced air pollution, reduced congestion, reduced illegal parking.

Key Components Of System:

CCU: Central Control System

ZCU: Zone Control System

UD: Ultrasonic Detector

LED Indicator: Red/Green Led Indicator

LED screen: Outdoor/Indoor LED screen

How PGS Works:

Firstly, UD takes use of ultrasonic wave to detect the car space to see if it is occupied by vehicles and transfer relative command to LED Indicator which will turn from green to RED when occupied, or it will keep GREEN; meanwhile, the UD transmit its status message to ZCU immediately, and ZCU will collect and forward the information to CCU; CCU processes these data and sends the relevant command to ZCU and LED panel.

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