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Key Specifications

Control PTZ and camera

Setup presets, call presets and delete presets of PTZ

Water blade assists current contact and light output voltage can be controlled

Highly reliable: with super anti-jamming, hang-up prevention, low consumption and powerful drive capability

Lots of control protocols are compatible

With power-on test function, auto tour function and lightning protection communication

Technical data:

Voltage: 220V AC/50Hz

Power: 5W (drive 45W PTZ)

Input: RS-485 protocol P/D

Output voltage: lens control 12V DC, PTZ control 24V AC

Installation: outdoor hang or installed in cabinet

Second focus control.

Manual/Auto focus.

Manual/Auto black and white switch. (

Call the setup menu of camera. (Samsung , Mintron)

Preset speed is adjustable.

Tour speed is adjustable.

Scan speed is adjustable.

Keep watching function.

Keep watching time is adjustable.

Pattern function, Max.8 pattern can be set up.

Standard RS-485 communication

Pelco P or D protocol is identified automatically.

Auto park function.

Be compatible with more cameras.

Built-in device preventing from surge or lightning strike.

Install easily , connect components easily and fast.

Auto protection function is ON when power cutting.

Position is memorized automatically when power cutting.

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