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Key Specifications

The IQmanager software utility simplifies installation and management of IQeye cameras on the network, and it can be used to manage everything from small-scale systems with a few IP cameras to a large-scale video surveillance system with many cameras. With the IQmanager software, users can scan local or remote networks for all available IQeye cameras allowing real time changes to a single camera or multiple cameras simultaneously. Easy configuration of camera IP addresses, and pre-defined camera grouping based on local, global, new, and camera families are key features within the IQmanager software.

* Discover IQeye camears on the network
* Configure camera network settings manually or automatically
* Manage firmware upgrades for single or multiple cameras
* Pre-defined & user-defined camera grouping
* Retrieve and save camera configurations
* Send camera configurations to single or multiple cameras
* Drop down camera diagnostics
* Automated telnet commands
* Image thumbnail view to verify camera operation
* Free downloadable utility software

IQinVision IQmanager
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