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Key Specifications
IQ-100 uses sophisticated video motion analytics to protect an area from intrusion and detect abnormal behavior such as loitering, running and objects travelling the wrong direction. A virtual trip wire or region is drawn on the screen and objects are continuously tracked. Whenever the area is breeched the event is recorded and an alarm raised. IQ-100 can allow objects to travel one direction but generate alarms for movement in the opposite direction. Filters based on user specified criteria such as size, shape and speed can allow it to raise alarms only for certain objects, making it highly adaptable to all environments. For megapixel cameras, the IQ-Hawk add-on reduces network, processor and storage costs whilst overcoming a major disadvantage of pan-tilt-zoom cameras. IQ-Hawk does continuous detection on a wide angle view and uses digital zoom for identification.
Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection
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Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection
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