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Key Specifications
Using the face recognition surveillance system, the efficiency is improved by more than 10,000 times! In a non-face recognition surveillance system, it may take hours or even dozens of hours to query an event person. However, only a few seconds are required in the face recognition surveillance system

InVS is a smart surveillance system to report you if it spots a home invader in your yard or a suspect illegally coming onto your company premises. Instead of using video surveillance to protect yourself after the incident has taken place, Face Recognition Surveillance can help prevent your antagonist from completing their wrong deeds in the place – saving you and your company from wasting precious time and resources on post-incident review and hassles.

Using ILDVR InVS Face Recognition function, you can upload 16 photos of a person of interest into the “Black List,” a list of people you do not want on your property. The system will continuously analyze the live video stream from your strategically mounted cameras, track the detected face when they are moving towards the camera, and match the Face to those in the Black List until it finds the persons on that Black List. InVS has options to send alerts to you or report to security officers.

Limited by its performance of DSP processor, embedded DVR/NVR (Standalone) cannot deal with Face Matching due to a large amount of computing. They have served their purpose and no longer allow you to grow, expand or upgrade on their capability. Throwing money at this technology will only backfire. Saving money now will cost you later. Smart people invest in technology that will continue to grow and allow you to add to it in the future.

Based on the best performance of Intel Core CPU and GPU-accelerated computing technology, coupled with the industry leading technology of Face Recognition algorithm, ILDVR InVS delivers an automated, active, accurate, robust, real-time protection and gives you the ultimate peace of mind. You can rest assured that you and your property are protected in real-time.

* 3U rack mount case with 16 hot-swap HDD slots. Designed for professional installation.
* Support Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition and other IVA features
* Support Alarm Push notification
* Support POS machine integration helps prevent cash register theft.
* Support both H.265 and H.264
* Support up to 256ch network video realtime recording.
* Support any resolution camera
* Support any capacity HDD
* Dual-protection from industrial-grade computer motherboard with built-in hardware watchdog and InVS software watchdog.InVS will NEVER freeze.
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