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Key Specifications
huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection is an intelligent vision-based analytics system which can timely detect suspicious fire or smoke incident from the video sources of HD-SDI, IP and CCTV cameras. The system utilizes the real-time captured image to quickly analyze and verify characteristics of fire and smoke in seconds. Once the flame and smoke are detected, the system will send alerts to the central monitor center and push event notification to operator’s mobile devices within 15 seconds for early warning.

Compared to the fire and smoke detectors, huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection enables to cover wide -open space and longer distance within the camera field of view. As huperLab’s patented and self-developed vision algorithm technology, worked with selected cameras, the system is able to adjust settings and parameters to better fit for difficult environment conditions for higher accuracy. It’s easy to be applied to the factory, warehouse, petrol and gas station, school, museum and so on.

* Real-time Vision-based Detection & Recording

 - Live monitoring and video recording

 - Instantly verify fire and smoke incidents

 - Recorded video footage and prior event recording can be presented as forensic evidence

* High Accuracy

 - Masks settings for specific zone to prevent causing false alarm

 - Provide simple parameter adjustments to fit for different scenarios

 - Immediately analyze and identify captured videos based on irregular shape, color changes and swaying mode of suspicious fire and smoke

* Early Warning & Quick Response

 - Event alert will be sent within 10-15 seconds

 - Can timely activate integrated emergency equipment

* Wide-open Detection Area

 - No additional sensor or equipment required

 - Low limits to the ceiling height or sensor angle

 - Detection coverage within the camera field of view

* Easy to Install & Integrate with Fire Safety Equipment

 - Ideal to integrate with the alarm sensors or other I/O devices

 - Early reaction prior to fire and smoke detector trigger

* Comprehensive Alert Notification

 - Instantly send event alert by email, fax, siren, flash and FTP event images

 - Trigger I/O devices or PTZ camera to preset position when events detected

 - Instant push video notifications to operator''s smartphones and tablets

* Central Event Management & eMap

 - Manage events from multiple huperVision remote surveillance sites

 - Generate event logs for event searching and archiving

 - Support alert location marked on the eMap/Google to quickly control and aware event locations

huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection System
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