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Key Specifications
Hikvision’s MV-PD-030001-03 Portable Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is an information management system that integrates with automatic collection of underlying vehicle image, display, and storage functions. Through accurate real-time scanning of the underlying vehicle image, synchronous displaying the broad and full image of the vehicle undercarriage on the monitor, and sorting stored data, this system can effectively prevent car bombs, hidden weapons, biochemical hazardous goods, and dangerous people from entering and/or exiting the facilities. This UVIS improves detection speed, accuracy, and security level, while minimizing human resources and capital investment.  

* Plug and play 

* Customized software, supports ANPR 

* All-in-one, highly integrated 

* 2,048 x 12,000 maximum resolution 

* Vehicle speed matching 

* FOV ≥168°, lens FOV ≥180° 

* Illumination optimized for vehicle undercarriage 

* Accessible to Hikvision platform 

* Compatible with GigE vision protocol and third-party software platforms
Hikvision MV-PD-030001-03 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System
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