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Key Specifications
The UHF Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 4m. The UHF Windshield Tag offers cost effective long range vehicle identification for parking applications. The UHF windshield tag is an effective solution for upgrade of existing proximity installations for parking. The UHF windshield tag is based on passive UHF technology. The UHF Windshield tag is featured with an excellent adhesive to allow quick and easy installation inside the vehicle to the windshield. The thin, flexible, UHF sticker format is easy to install and permanently affixing it to the windshield. The tag is protected against harmful UV rays. Break upon removal. For added security, tamperproof UHF windshield tags are also available. These tags will damage and break upon removal, ensuring they will no longer operate.

UHF Windshield Tags conformed with EPC C1G2 standard for parking applications
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