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GYRFID is a purchase platform for global System Integrators with RFID Technology. It offers a wide range of smart cards and RFID tags, as well as readers and card accessories. The products can be embedded with 125KHz EM4102,T5577,Hitag; 13.56Mhz Mifare, ICODE, Tag-it; 868Mhz-915Mhz Class1 Gen2 chips... Read Details
Press Releases
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GYRFID Launches RFID card, NFC stickers and NFC wristband with Felica chips

Date: 2017/12/21
Felica Lite S RC-S966 Card or Stickers is a contactless card with security function. It can be used for any NFC forum type 3 tags solutions, such as handover connections and smart poster. It combination with any NFC devices. GYRFID can provide different encapsulation format with such chips like card, stickers, Wristbands.... Read Details