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  • Wuhan Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR)

  • Country: China
  • City: Wuhan
  • Address: No. 6 Huanglongshan South Rd, Wuhan 430205, P.R.China
  • Contact Person: Nancy Jiang

Key Specifications
GAS330 is a cooled infrared thermal imaging module specially designed for gas leakage detection. It uses 320x256/30μm cooled MWIR infrared detector and utilizes spectral wavelength filtering technology to visualize the invisible VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that cannot be seen by naked eyes.

GAS330 infrared gas leak detection camera is specific for detecting minute fugitive emissions of industrial gases. Its high sensitivity is suitable for detection scene with low gas concentration and slow gas flow rate. Inspectors can find the gas that pollutes the environment or is harmful to personnel assets, and timely avoid profitable gas loss.

Its real time non-contact measurement is also helpful for inspectors to detect the gas leakage in dangerous areas or areas that are difficult to access, so as to ensure the safety of inspection personnel. It has great application value in safety production, environmental protection supervision and cost saving.

Main Features:
High Sensitivity
• High sensitive cooled infrared detector, NETD≤15mK
• Quite efficient in application of low gas concentration and slow gas flow
• Effective leak detection includes Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, Benzenes, Ketones and other gases

Explosion-proof (GAS330G2)
• Obtain the explosion-proof certificate (Ex ic IIC T4 Gc)

Easy Integration
• Long range non-contact temperature measurement: range of -20℃~400℃
• Support point and regional analysis, high temperature alarm, hot spot tracking and other temperature algorithms
• Cameralink/DVP/USB/Gig-E image output interfaces, compatible with a variety of development environments
• Multiple lens configurations, more optional fields of view, more scenes available

Phone: +86 27-81298493
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