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Key Specifications
N-Driver384S is one of the N-Driver series vehicle-mounted infrared modules developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It integrates 384x288@17μm uncooled LWIR detector and can be used to enhance driver's visual capability in harsh environment such as total darkness, rain, snow, fog, dust etc.

With N-Driver384S automotive thermal camera, drivers can see clear image 300 meters away beyond the reach of vehicles' headlights and enhance their field of view so as to better avoid obstacles and identify targets. It provides intelligent alarm based on a lot of model trainings and a set of mature AI algorithms to identify pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and give warning in advance.

This vehicle mounted thermal camera is also effective to eliminate the interference of high beams from oncoming vehicles, increasing drivers' perception towards the surrounding environment and seeing distance in darkness or bad weather so that the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians and vehicles can be guaranteed.

Main Features:
- Resolution: 384x288
- Pixel Pitch: 17μm
- NETD<50mk
- A Great Distance of View
- Intelligent Alarm System
- All-weather Application
- High Speed Data Transmission
- High Reliability & Stability

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N-Driver 384S Vehicle 384X288 VOx Uncooled Thermal Module
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