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Key Specifications

Consisted of 400x300/17µm uncooled thermal camera sensor, the PLUG417 LWIR infrared camera core provides clear image and superior performance. Except for the standard interfaces that are available for easy integration for OEM customers, we also provide personalized customization services so that our infrared camera module can be easily integrated into your existing systems.

The PLUG series are special for the industrial observation. By using its infrared thermal imaging technology, customers can benefit in many industries such as security and surveillance, outdoors, animal observation, rescue etc.

-Model: PLUG417
-Resolution: 400×300
-Pixel Size: 17μm
-Spectral Range: 8~14μm
-Typical NETD: <30mK
-Frame Rate: 9Hz/25Hz/30Hz/50Hz/60Hz
-Typical Power Consumption: 1.4W
-Dimension (mm): 44.5×44.5×36.6
-Weight: 77g±3g
-Optional Lens:
Fixed Focus Athermal: 7.5mm/13mm/19mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/60mm/100mm
Motorized Lens: 75mm/100mm/150mm
Continuous Zoom: 30-150mm

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400x300/17µm Infrared Camera Core Integrated into Security Camera
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