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Key Specifications

COIN417G2 uncooled infrared module is a new generation version of COIN417 developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It integrates 400x300@17μm wafer level package (WLP) infrared imaging detector, high performance signal processing circuit and image processing algorithm.

The COIN417G2 infrared module features in sharp and crisp thermal image presentation, compact size and low cost. It also has an optional thermographic function with measurement range from -20℃~550 ℃ for industrial temperature measurement.


Model: COIN417G2/RG2
Sensitive Material: Vanadium Oxide
Resolution: 400×300
Pixel Size: 17μm
Spectral Range 8μm ~14μm
Typical NETD: ≤40mK
Frame Rate: 50Hz/30Hz/25Hz
Start-up Time: 3s
Analog Video: PAL/NTSC
Digital Video: YUV/BT.656/LVDS/USB2.0
Image Algorithm: NUC/3DNR/DNS/DRC/EE
Digital Zoom: 1X~8X Continuous Zoom, 1/8 Step Size (YUV Output)
Image Display: Black Hot/White Hot/Pseudo Color
ICC Software: Module Control and Video Display
Standard External Interface: 50Pin_HRS: DF40C-50DP-0.4V(51), (HRS, Male)
USB Expansion Board: Type-C
Communication Interface: TTL-232/USB2.0
Digital Video Interface: CMOS8/CMOS16/LVDS/USB2.0
Supply Voltage: 4~5.5V
Typical Power Consumption: 0.7W
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~+50℃
Temperature Measurement Range: -20℃~150℃, 0℃~550℃; Support Customization and Expansion
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: Greater of ±3℃ or ±3%
Regional Temperature Measurement: Support Maximum, Minimum and Average Value of the Output Regional Temperature
SDK: Windows/Linux/ARM; Achieve Video Stream Analysis and Conversion from Gray to Temperature
Dimension (mm): 25.4×25.4×29.3 (With 9.1mm Lens); 25.4×25.4×41.2 (With 13mm Lens); 25.4×25.4×40 (With 19mm Lens); 43.4×43.4×56.6 (With 25mm Lens)
Weight: 29g±2g (With 9.1mm Lens); 42g±2g(With 13mm Lens); 44g±2g(With 19mm Lens); 108±5g(With 25mm Lens)
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature: -45℃~+85℃
Humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing
Vibration: 5.35grms, 3 Axis
Shock: Half Sine Wave, 40g/11ms, 3 Axis, 6 Direction
Certificates: ROHS2.0/REACH
Optional Lens: Fixed Athermal: 9.1mm/13mm/19mm/25mm
Protection Level: IP67 Rating (Front Surface)

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