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Super wind-resistant spherical turntable camera

Thermal imaging camera , Super wind-resistant spherical turntable multi spectrum Laser Infrared Thermal Imaging camera GCS-MS550IR2,GCS-HMS550IR2 and GCS-HMS650IR5 uses a super wind-resistant Pan Tilt, Laser illuminator, through the fog Camera, through the fog Lens, infrared thermal imaging night farthest activities can be found in the character of 2700-5000 meters, vehicles, facilities and other targets


Laser Features:

Fog, effectively improve the monitoring range and image clarity under foggy environment;

LAZ light automatic zoom function, Lens, Pan Tilt, Laser synchronized zoom and Preset features that make operation more simple, intelligent;

Auto Sensitivity Control functions, laser opens, lock the camera, to be black and white mode;

Gaussian Laser Beam reforming technology, good beam quality, spot uniformity, high density Laser;

Patent spectroscopic techniques, Laser utilization up to 100%,avoid the only Laser match Lens light waste;

Optical axis of the internal electric tuning, without disassembly, easy maintenance, Use life of 20,000 hours.

Lens Features:

Lens with autofocus function, to avoid cumbersome trimming operation;

Automatic color to black, to achieve the daytime color, black and white evening weather monitoring mode.

Thermal Imaging Features:

Fixed focus、Zoom optional;

Temperature sensing imaging, subject to environmental impact;

Imaging device Polysilicon, Vanadium oxide Optional;

Temperature display alarm.

Pan Tilt Features:

Super wind-resistant ptz, Pan 360 ° horizontal Endless rotation, Tilt -45 ° ~ +45 °, so that the monitoring Hassle;

Chinese and English OSD screen menu, settings via the OSD menu, presentation, run, delete, Preset, cruise path, pattern scan, so scan.

Control Mode:

RS485/RS422/TCP/IP signal remotely control Camera, Laser, Pan Tilt;

Multiple Protection:

With a slow start and overheat, over current, overvoltage multiple protection functions;

Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof, Heat Dissipation design, ensure long-term stability.

Application Field:

Forest fire, airport runways, maritime search and rescue monitoring, urban aerial vantage, land conservation, marine aquaculture and other extra-high wind conditions.

Super wind-resistant spherical turntable Laser Infrared Thermal Imaging camera
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