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Key Specifications

G-Tect, the new video motion detection solution developed by GEUTEBRüCK provides reliable professional protection for outdoor situations. Owing to the use of the latest smart algorithms, this innovative video analy- sis process delivers reliable results under all environmental conditions. Until now system- atically occurring effects such as moving foliage, rain, snow or headlights led to unwanted alarms but now they can be accu- rately suppressed. By continually adapting to the current image contents, the system is able to ignore systematically occurring changes in the image background. This means false alarms can effectively be avoided or minimized more than ever before.

With G-Tect/VMX setting up so-called sterile zones i.e. areas where the activated system will not tolerate intruders, is particularly easy. You just need to click the mouse to set them up and it is really easy to adjust them for the current conditions in the video image.

The detector is set up in three easy stages. First, in order to be reliable it needs input about the dimensions in the scene. You pro- vide this by stretching a perspective grid (with each cell measuring 1m2) across the scene, to give the detector the length of each edge in metres. The second step is to define the desired sterile zones and any directional factor using a simple segment display. Lastly you adjust the global sensitivity of the detector and the system is ready for duty. Once activated G-Tect/VMX provides reliable protection against intruders and additional security round the clock.

* Professional video analysis for the perimeter protection of critical surveillance zones
* Able to detect movements and differentiate between moving objects and background changes
* Continuously analyzes and evaluates all picture contents and regularly adjusts its ‘understanding’ of the background
* Accurate at suppressing false alarms caused by systematically occurring environmental effects such as rain, snow, moving foliage or headlights
* Easy configuration of direction-dependent detection for selected zones
* Intelligent algorithms that continuously adapts to scene changes

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