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Key Specifications

The GeViStore-IP/8-bay is Geutebruck's new redundant storage server system for IP applications requiring high performance and high survivability.  It is a complete solution designed to meet high end video security requirements in stand-alone and networked applications in environments such as airports, prisons, power plants, pharmaceutical companies and casinos.

High performance:

  • 14 TByte video database

  • records 800 images per second and streams 800 images per second simultaneously

  • virtual matrix functionality for analog, IP, standard CCD and megapixel cameras

  • processes up to 1600 pictures per second for display on a separate display computer in full D1 resolution.

  • runs Geutebruck's GeViScope video management system on the latest server hardware under the Windows 2008 Server operating system.

High failure resistance:

  • high quality server components

  • redundant power supply

  • integral hot-swap level 5 RAID

  • hardware surveillance for easy diagnosis

  • remote server management to BIOS level via standard browser


  • compact, only two 19” rack units - efficient use of hardware, space and energy minimises operating costs
Geutebruck GeViStore-IP/8-bay IP Video Storage Server
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