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Key Specifications

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used for Homeland Security. Thanks to their ability to detect human-sized targets several kilometers away, they are extremely suited for border surveillance and protection. At Intersec 2014, FLIR Systems will present the latest addition to the Border Security and Coastal Surveillance product line; the HDC thermal imaging camera, now providing more details at a long range with its High Definition 1280 x 720 detector.

Using a cooled detector, the FLIR HDC provides exceptional long range performance with detection of man-sized targets beyond 18km and vehicles beyond 22km. The system also supports continuous zoom to maintain situational awareness with target focus in both a wide field of view and during zoom for effective target assessment. This capability ensures users to always have an optimized field of view for targets at any range.

The system also features the new FLIR Image Processing Engine with advanced algorithms developed to generate a perfect picture with minimal adjustment and includes features such as DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement) and CRISP (Clear regional image sharpness). Where DDE is designed for creating a perfect image in high contrast scenes, CRISP does the same in low contrast scenes. Auto perfect mode creates a clear image in any circumstance. Developed under the unique FLIR CDMQ process (Commercially Developed, Military Qualified), the FLIR HDC delivers a military quality system, designed to work 24/7 with unmatched reliability.

Following its introduction in May 2013, FLIR Systems will also present the FC-Series S at Intersec. Where price is sometimes an obstacle for using thermal imaging cameras compared to traditional CCTV cameras, with the new FC-Series S this is no longer an issue. The FC-Series S are low cost but industrial quality thermal imaging cameras in a compact package, available in 320×240, and high-resolution 640×480 formats. FLIR Systems will present the latest developments in thermal imaging at stand 131C in the Sheikh Saeed Arena.

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