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Key Specifications
FC-27WN, 7" Nitrogen Pressurized Dome Housings is IP 68 water proof, with double-decked designed, build-in thermostatically controlled fan/heater, pressurized Nitrogen, vandal proof cover and FEVE coating, which can make sure the cameras work in a precise temperature and can be used in very harsh environments or rigid climates, such as high salinity areas, beaches, harbors, ports, and also high dusty area, etc.

Outstanding features:
7 inches Aluminum Dome Enclosure, suitable for Outdoor and Indoor installation.
• Double-decked design strengthens the heat insulation.
• Built-in Fan & Heater to make sure the mechanism work in a precise temperature. (Optional)
• Equipped with a stainless steel retaining cable.
• FEVE Coating:Endurable environment, resistible acid & base, five years warranty.
• Nitrogen Pressurized Dome Enclosure IP 68.
• Vandal Proof Dome Cover.
• Transparent or Smoked cover. (Selectable)

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FC-27WN 7
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