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Key Specifications
EVVA's ICS locking system unites the best of both worlds. Conventional, mechanical lock cylinders control "who" is authorised to lock "where". The service cylinder takes care of the "when". Property owners decide when and whether third parties, for instance service providers, are granted access within a specified time period. As a result, it is possible to grant or revoke access authorizations for service providers at any time. "With this development, EVVA has responded to specific market requirements, which would otherwise only be feasible using electronic locking systems", comments an EVVA product management representative. EVVA is one of the first manufacturers to soon also integrate this function in other designs, such as SKA, AZ37 or European profile cylinders to hence also supply customers outside Scandinavia, where said functionality is already widely popular today.

Service whenever you want
You own property and would like it to be cleaned while you are away? Would you like to grant facility management authorised access to your property to check your meters while you are at work? You would prefer to neither hand over your key to cleaning staff nor to facility management, but you are unable to be there? These are all issues of the past with service cylinders. Grant and revoke access authorisations for service staff.

Authorisations are determined by the position of the cylinder plug. The cylinder allows you to remove the key in two positions, namely in the normal position and the service position. If you leave the cylinder in normal position, only you and your loved ones have access with the user keys. Remove the key in the service position and you will also grant service staff access to your property. The service key will grant service staff, such as cleaning staff, facility management, etc. access to your property until you once again change the position to revoke the assigned access authorisations.

The system features three key types:
*User keys with priority: locks the cylinder in any mode and can switch between both modes. ->Application examples: parents are property owners and decide on the applicable mode.
*User keys without priority: locks the cylinder in both modes, but cannot switch between modes. -> Application examples: children have unrestricted access, but are unable to switch between modes.
*Service keys: locks the cylinder in service mode only and does not allow to switch between modes. -> Application examples: cleaning staff has access once the service position has been defined.

Maximum security with ICS
The service cylinder (TAF) is available for the clever system with optimum security: ICS (Inner Code System). ICS is perfectly suited for professional use. Concealed, inner recesses make an unauthorised duplication of keys practically impossible. ICS cylinders are produced as European profile cylinders in modular design (SYMO) to provide more than just flexibility. They can consequently be adapted to the relevant door requirements directly on site.

EVVA ICS service cylinder
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