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Key Specifications

DIVA is an IP-based video management solution that adjusts any size system to suit your needs and adds intelligence and comfort to video surveillance and monitoring. Next to the full-featured live-viewing and playback user-interface, DIVA offers built-in intelligence for facial recognition and license plate recognition for security applications. In combination with Siqura’s IP cameras and codecs, DIVA offers the perfect solution for a wide range of situations, including perimeter security, homeland security, theft/vandalism prevention, and intrusion detection.

• Adapting the application to user needs
DIVA is one of the most flexible VMS solutions available. Whether it’s a small operation of ten streams or a complex network of well over 1000 cameras, DIVA successfully manages the network and applies analytics algorithms to detect and recognize faces and license plates.
Since operators often require different features and functionalities, it is possible to configure the DIVA user-interface and video wall layout to fit the needs of each specific user profile; for example, motion detection alarms can trigger a camera view to appear on the screen of a specified operator, guaranteeing prompt and appropriate action. Such an adjustable application ensures that those using DIVA have an accessible and user-friendly workspace at their finger-tips.
 View DIVA Marcro Rules screen

• Easy integration
It is easy to integrate DIVA with third-party systems. Besides supporting a wide range of subsystems, including access control, data synchronization, intrusion, and building management, DIVA provides flexible XML data output to communicate its events to third-party applications. Furthermore, DIVA can integrate with a matrix switch to provide a hybrid solution. This ultimately facilitates the migration from existing analog infrastructure to an IP installation.
• Guaranteed availability
DIVA’s failover server ensures the reliability and availability of the entire system. It monitors a specified list of servers. If no response is received from one of the servers, the failover server takes on the settings of that server and starts to function as that server. Several failover servers can be defined to monitor different groups of active servers.
Additionally, DIVA monitors the position and image quality of connected cameras to verify the effectiveness of the applied analytics. This ultimately provides users with a truly complete management system that guarantees the dependability of the surveillance solution.

DIVA Video Management Sotware
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DIVA Video Management Sotware
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