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  • Country: Korea
  • Address: #507, 5F, Ace Techno Tower, Mullae-dong 3(sam)-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-992, South Korea
  • Contact Person: Y. S. Kim

Key Specifications
* Stall detection/compensation (accuracy: 1.0)
* Preset speed up to 600?/sec, pan/tilt min, pan-and-tilt speed at 0.01?/sec, 360 endless panning, and tilt range of 190 (-5~185)
* Coaxitron (except Pelco-C; only analog model)
* High precision pattern (trace) sequence
* Supports auto tracking (optional)
* Indiscrete speed and position override motion detection (motor control)
* Remote firmware update (all microprocessor, OSD font-only analog)
* Built-in surge protector circuit
Convex CND-2200 (Outdoor) IP Speed Dome Camera
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