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Key Specifications
SG-FDD20W is a new COFDM digital transmitter receiver with Frequency-division duplexing (FDD) technology, designed with dual-mode RF transceiver system which operate at different carrier frequencies ideal for long range communication in network solution. The FDD technique uses different frequency bands for video radio sending and receiving with no interference.

SG-FDD20W transceiver is implement of transparent IP Ethernet interface that able balance and stable high-speed data rate with 30Mbit/s each for uplink and downlink. It’s ideal for broadcasting, public security system, emergency system, Police, military etc. required for long distance wireless private network links.

COFDM modulation,different carrier frequencies technology
great transfer rate for uplink and downlink
transparent IP Ethernet interface and serial port in built
Dual frequency is ideal for long-distance required
Dynamic AES encryption 128bits
Narrowband bandwidth 1M/2M/4M/8MHz available
Work well in NLOS fast moving condition
Integrated design, super linear
User easy to operate the related parameters by LCD panel with keypad

Tech specification:

Model SG-FDD30
Technology FDD (frequency-duplexing-division)
Working voltage DC 28V
Frequency 1 300-2500MHz selection
Frequency 2 300-2500MHz selection
RF bandwidth 1/2/4/8MHz
Output power 20W or 30w (customized)
Encryption/decryption mode AES128 bits
Modulation COFDM 2K
Transfer rate 30 Mbit/s each for uplink and downlink
RF connector N *2
Ethernet Standard RJ45 port *2
Serial port RS232 serial port, 115200bps max
LCD panel with keypad Easy to set/modify the related parameters
Dimension 325*250*120mm
Weight 8.7kg

+86 15220062847
IP camera video data link transceiver 50KM long distance
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