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Key Specifications
Portable COFDM wireless ground station for UAV communication


The UAV wireless digital video data link system using the latest COFDM technology and AES encryption that allows user can be assured of clean secure video&data reception. With broadcast quality H.264 encoding, customizable high power, and optional bandwidth applicable to various individual communication. Such high performance provide stability and quality of transmission specially in long range NLOS(non-line-of-sight) environment. In addition, it’s multifunctional, flexible and easy to be carried and installed everywhere.

It’s capable to receive single channel and showing on the dual LCD screen. Built in 17inch LCD and 1 channel DVR with up to 120GB SSD, H.264 compression technology. Operating with DC12/AC22V power supply. As it insert with battery built in that support 7-8hrs endurance working time.

●COFDM modulation

●H.264 video compression

●Good quality 720P resolution

●Modular design and highly integrated

●Dual aerial designed for better signal receive simultaneously

●Standard 17inch Samsung LCD screen

●The left space for your tablet placed for your cable placed

●Insert with DVR, support video recording and playback

●Provides two joysticks to control your camera PTZ and flight simple actions

●Provides 2 USB ports for mouse control,and back-up files

●Work well under fast moving signal receiving and support NLOS transmission

Frequency/video 300-4400MHz (customizable)

RF bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz (Adjustable)

LCD monitor 17inch Samsung LCD screen

Storage method SSD

RF Level Input -105dbm/2MHz, -95dbm/4/8MHz

RF Interface N(F)

AV output BNC/HDMI/SDI (Optional)

Data serial port RS232@19200bps


Data frequency RS485 - 470MHz (customizable)

RS232 - 460MHz (customizable)

USB output For mouse connection,and hard disk back-up files .

Modulation COFDM

Power supply AC220V / DC12V

Constellation QPSK,16QAM

FEC 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8

Guard Interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4

Video format 1 line PAL/NTSC video signal (auto-adaptation)

Video Decoding ISO/IEC13818-2 MPEG-4MP@ML

Resolution 1920*1080,720,576,480

Audio Output stereo left and right channel

Data encryption AES 128bits (user-defined password)

Work environment -30~70° C

Built in Battery 20A capacity, can support 4-5 hrs working time

Size 927*355*152mm

Weight 23kg

Portable COFDM wireless ground station for UAV communication
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