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Key Specifications

* Comprehensive integration of systems (transparent to the end user).
* Single view of events and incidents (via customized role-specific graphical user interfaces and dashboards).
* Process-driven event management (via graphical workflow tools, response plans and customized alarm stack design).
* Analysis, status and management information (built-in report designers to provide timely and effective reports and statistics on compliance to security policies).

Top 5 Features

1. Immediate Visual Awareness
IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM can decode multiple video from multiple disparate sources so that the operator is not limited when it comes to viewing cameras. View any cameras on the same monitor or video wall at the same time and use our easy calendar and slider functionality to view playback alongside live footage.

2. Individually Tailored User Interface
We understand that no two customers are the same, which is why IPSecurityCenter allows you to choose the layout of your interface so that your software works for you - you don't need to be told what user friendly is, define it for yourself.
Not only can you choose the layout of your user interface, you can also choose a different layout for each individual user level - this means if you want a user to have restricted access they will see an interface designed with the items available to their level of restriction and not simply the same interface with the restricted items missing. Giving you the ability to choose the layout means you get to create the most efficient interface for you and your users, so you will be able to get the best out of your software from the start.

3. Independence from Manufacturers
Now you can make the very best of your existing investments, don't replace your current systems, seamlessly and intelligently integrate them with your new ones with IPSecurityCenter™. With its open architecture IPSecurityCenter™ allows you to integrate any device regardless of the manufacturer and then control them at the same time through one easy to use interface.
• High Resolution Surveillance
• Video Analytics
• Access Control
• Advanced Threat Detection & Analysis
• Intruder Detection
• Environmental Sensors
• Biometrics
• Building Management Systems
• GIS Mapping
• GPS Tracking Systems
• Radar
• Fire Detection
You can seamlessly and intelligently integrate all these and more with IPSecurityCenter™.

4. Process Guidance and Intelligent Workflow
IPSecurityCenter™ has an intelligent workflow that appears to the user as a process guidance, a series of questions and instructions to guide the operator through alarms and events, with all their actions being logged for reporting and audit. Unlike some other process guidance this intelligent workflow is more than just tick boxes, with multiple choice and response it make sure that all variables can be considered so that policies can be followed perfectly in any eventuality.
This workflow does more than just produce process guidance for the operator to follow, it can also deal with the alarms behind the scenes without needing to concern the operator at all. Many alarms can be dealt with without the input of a physical person, IPSecurityCenter™ deals with each alarm automatically whilst silently logging all its actions as it goes, only consulting the operator when entirely necessary.

5. Powerful and Flexible Authentication System
A simple instruction - only allow audio playback to supervisors - but imagine trying to do this across 300 digital video recorders produced by 5 different manufacturers. With IPSecurityCenter™ you only need to make this change once in an easy to use wizard, this wizard gives you complete control over your users and silently records all this information so at anytime you can see exactly who has access to what.


CNL Software IPSecurityCenter PSIM
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